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Communication of actions and special events

Information campaigns

The success of each event depends on the type of communication and the reception of the audience. We work on creating a plan and carrying out information actions on planned events. We conduct ongoing communication around key terms that align with our organization’s business goals. Media relations, web site management, blogs, social media profiles and newsletter distribution.

Promotional actions

Promoted, thoughtful and creative promotions help reach a wide audience, attract new customers, and strengthen credibility and insulate the brand image. We carefully select communication and promotional tools that take into account the audience, product type and location of the promotion. We organize special events for consumers and media representatives. For the purpose of organized promotional campaign we obtain appropriate permits, prepare projects and print invitations, promotional and informational materials as well as schedule of the event. We deal with logistics and coordination of the whole event.

Educational programs

One of the forms of information and positive branding is education program that promote specific ideas, attitudes and behaviours. These are tools that require special attitudes and well-thought-out strategies, as improper communication can affect good morale, social responsibility, and negatively affect the company’s values ​​promoted in the media. We are developing consistent educational platforms that include standard and non-standard activities. We prepare creative ideas and proposals of action. We supervise the project from start to finish.

CSR activities

Corporate Social Responsibility is the initiation of a business activity within its business plans, respecting the interests of society and the environment. Together with the company, we step by step build awareness among stakeholders and create attitudes consistent with good practice codes, helping to achieve common goals. We manage the communication of the company with the environment, thus popularizing the CSR strategy in business.


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