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Product PR

Product launching

Introducing a new product that will pique interest and stand out from others, and will ultimately make the customers’ need to buy, is a big challenge. We create unique communication concepts that emphasize product values ​​and brand strengths, tailored to the selected audience. Introducing novelty to the market is often accompanied by special events (promotional actions, ambient advertising, etc.), creative mailings and ongoing contact with the media.

Hardware tests

Consumer opinion is one of the leading arguments in the decision-making process – it increases or decreases the relationship with the object being evaluated. Therefore, credibility and support for appropriate strength testing will increase brand awareness and loyalty. We create a company image by communicating information about the products or services available, generating feedback using opinion leaders, or directly using the media. We deal with the preparation of information materials, their distribution and contact with stakeholders or journalists. We create detailed reports on the results of the tests.


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