Case study

Opening of store-warehouse  with construction- renovation assortment in Szczecin


Target group

  • Direct – professionals and individual clients from Szczecin and its nearest regions
  • Indirect – local media

Initial situation

On the occasion of the opening ceremony for the customers of the first Bricoman facility in Szczecin, the agency organized a press conference for the local media on the day preceding the official opening of the store.

Completed activities

  • The purpose of the press conference was to inform about the new facility, its functions, its offer and its employment – a matter of particular importance for local media.
  • An appropriate communication strategy and relationships with journalists have helped to avoid the crisis that openings of large retail spaces often faces – because of their significant impact on the local labour market.


The opening ceremony of the new facility was met with great interest and positive emotions of local journalists – the conference gathered nearly 20 local media representatives. As a result of the agency’s activities, there were over 35 publications – only positive ones.


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