Communication strategy

Communication strategy is a process that integrates all communication activities and requires coherence between the elements. It depends on the image of the company in the media and its surroundings. By joining the activity, we will familiarize ourselves with the profile and activity of the entity and jointly define the vision and brand identity of the business. We help you to establish the baseline, strategic objectives defined in accordance with the SMART model, perform a detailed SWOT analysis identifying the external and internal factors of the entity, select appropriate tools, and set up an action plan, taking into account the customer’s budget.


Rebranding is the process of changing or refreshing a brand’s visual identity, allowing you to design a new direction of development. Every move is important, so before undertaking effective rebranding we do a thorough analysis of the market, competition, and customer needs. We take care that the communication of strategic changes related to the identity of the company and its offer is broad and professional. We create information campaigns for each stakeholder group as well as industry members.


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