Case study

„Pora na pomidora, czyli jak tu nie kochać polskich warzyw i owoców” campaign

6th edition, 2016


Federacja Branżowych Związków Producentów Rolnych

Target group

  • Direct – parents and carers (including mothers), children and adolescents
  • Indirect – national and regional media, news, feminine, parenting and health media bloggers

Initial situation

In early 2016, experts from the Institute of Food and Nutrition published a new Pyramid of Healthy Nutrition and Physical Activity. The biggest change for the previous version was the “promotion” of vegetables and fruits on the first location among the groups of foods recommended for consumption (previously those were cereal products).

The main aim of the campaign was to actively promote domestic fruits and vegetables and to consume them – especially among children and adolescents – in order to shape positive eating habits. Local veggies and fruits are a natural and simple choice – with health, taste and culinary qualities. They should be a major part of our daily diet, essential and important for maintaining good health and well-being.

Completed activities

  • Co-operation with Dominika Wójciak – the winner of the 3rd edition of Master Chef program – Ambassador of the campaign
  • Cooperation with a nutrition expert
  • The cyclical presence on breakfast TV “Pytanie na śniadanie” on TVP 2
  • Fruit and vegetable cooking workshops for junior high school students in Warsaw, Nowa Wieś, Brusy, Pleszew and Włodowice (Silesian Voivodship)
  • Facebook
  • Contests on Facebook
  • Contest in cooperation with leading parenting portal –


In the workshop for junior high school students, organized in cooperation with the Foundation “Szkoła na widlecu”, took part nearly 150 students. Children enthusiastically prepared dishes from local vegetables and fruits and eagerly joined in promoting the idea of seasonal consumption.

The vegetables and fruits were also often spoken on TVP2, on the breakfast program “Pytanie na śniadanie” (average number of viewers: 391 thousand people), where blogger and the winner of the program “Master Chef” – Dominika Wójciak inspired and cooked for spectators, and expert of the nutrition campaign, Magdalena Jarzynka-Jendrzejewska talked about the health, nutrition and taste of our native products. Also the Internet encouraged for the consumption of Polish vegetables and fruits – more than 300 participants took part in the competition organized on the portal, sharing their ideas to include local and seasonal vegetables and fruits into the daily menu of the youngest. The total number of publications for the “Pora na pomidora” campaign in 2016 was 300.


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