The consultants responsible for co-operating with Asseco Business Solutions performed their duties very reliably and in a timely manner, which fully deserves for the recommendations of the entire ITBC agency. Thanks to cooperation with ITBC Communication, we have noticed an increase in interest in our company and its solutions, as evidenced by numerous publications in the prestigious media. The agency’s activities helped us to build the image of Asseco Business Solutions as one of the largest Polish business application providers for companies.

All services were performed reliably, timely and with due diligence, which fully deserves for a recommendation. (…) The Agency has made a significant contribution to enhancing Citrix’s image as the market leader in virtualization solutions – both among journalists and our customers.

The Agency won first place in terms of effectiveness of activities, the number of positive publications of the Epicor’s core business area and quality. ITBC Communication has generated the highest quality publications by obtaining more press, Internet, and television and radio news than any other country, and the generated publications are internally evaluated for such quality factors as length, depth, added value, image quality, tone and message.

We entrusted ITBC Communication communication during the public tender, the introduction of Gekoplast S.A. on the capital market and the debut on NewConnect. (…) The Agency was also responsible, among others for the preparation of an investment story, an IR service, investor presentations, press materials, press conferences, technical advice on stock market reporting obligations (…) Thanks to ITBC’s efforts, the company became recognizable to investors and the media and its development potential was well appreciated.

ITBC Communication Agency has serviced AB Group in corporate and product PR and in investor relations for 6 years from 2008 to 2014. (…) The Agency’s consultants have demonstrated professionalism, a broad knowledge, loyalty and great commitment to the last days of cooperation. It is also thanks to effective communication, led by ITBC, AB Group is now well perceived by customers and business partners, and also enjoys the trust of individual as well as institutional investors.

I fully appreciate your professional service, reliable and timely approach to all tasks as well as the full availability of employees dedicated to our joint projects. In my opinion, ITBC Communication is worth recommending to anyone looking for a proven, professional and committed PR service provider, especially in the B2B industry

Thanks to actions carried out by ITBC Communication, we have introduced a number of new products to the Polish market. We have created a new category of multimedia products – wireless music players. The Agency has made a significant contribution to enhancing the image of Creative products as a “premium brand” on the Polish market – both among journalists and the customers.

Undoubtedly, your knowledge of the media market, the rules of communication with journalists and the public administration has often positively influenced the reputation of our Company, emphasizing its position as one of the largest IT and technology integrators in Poland. Particularly crucial for our Company, from the perspective of the period during which we cooperated, was your experience and skills in crisis communication, which had a significant impact on the Company’s opinion.

The Agency actively promotes the Foundation’s initiatives by demonstrating its diligence and carefulness in its work. Agency has established relations with the media, and its activities bring measurable results in the form of numerous press publications and increased interest in activities and projects implemented by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development.

The agency’s tasks include, among others shaping the company’s communication policy, media service of shopping centres belonging to the Rank Progress Capital Group, running the company’s press office, investor relations services. The Agency has been actively promoting initiatives and actions undertaken by Rank Progress for years. It has established relations with the industry and local media. Agency activities bring measurable results in the form of numerous press news and increased interest in the company activities.

In our opinion, the agency meets the responsibilities and has professional preparation for conducting such type of projects. The strengths of the agency include first of all the commitment, efficiency, timeliness and good relations with the media. As a result of our cooperation, there is a steady increase in media interest in our company, including the electronic media, and the ideas we have for protecting information in every form, regardless of the device in which it is stored.

Reference letters are available upon request.


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